You’re soaking in it. A placeholder vanity domain seemed a reasonable place to park an instance of a small Omeka proof-of-concept proposal I created for the History committee of the Cairn Terrier Club of America. I installed a couple of drupal-based test sites on this domain but the pace of platform-based web exploits exceeded my desire to patch and maintain …



Built initially to play with a new release of Invision Community software, I’d hoped to coax my far-flung family into using an online community suite to store recipes, family stories photos, and the occasional discussion — in short, to serve as a virtual meeting place and online memory. But family members proved resistant. Facebook has captured what share of mind …

During lunchtime walks in downtown Portland I kept meeting people with small terriers and dachshunds. Small terriers need work so I tended to talk up earthdog tests to people I met. To save time I spun up a quick WordPress site with some basic information about earthdog tests. That way I could just hand folks a card with the URL and …



Do you remember that ancient visual joke where someone asks a man “So, do you have any kids?”  and the man whips out a wallet and six feet of accordion-fold pictures unravel? Well, that’s Robinsend —  the web-based, pet-heavy equivalent of that accordion-fold wallet. We have fewer Cairns now. My bureau looks like a columbarium niche with an increasing number …